Which of your sales development reps are furthest behind on quota? Are there outbound campaigns that consistently drive greater customer engagement? How can you identify the coachable moments? 

Making improvements in these areas based on data can have a profound impact on customer engagement, but only if the data can be trusted to be accurate and fresh! All too often, sales development leaders lose trust in their marketing and sales data as a result of broken data pipelines and integrations.

In this webinar you will hear from Snowflake’s Travis Henry, Director SDR Ops & Enablement, and Ryan Huang, Sr. Marketing Data Analyst, as they share what you can do when you have direct access to your customer engagement data from Outreach.io in Snowflake. 

Join this webinar to:

  • Hear how Snowflake’s SDR leadership team use data to inform their strategy
  • See the types of dashboards and analysis used to analyze customer engagement data from Outreach.io
  • Learn how to access Outreach.io data via Snowflake Marketplace
  • Travis Henry

    Director, SDR Ops and Enablement

  • Ryan Huang

    Senior Data Analyst

  • Travis Kaufman

    Product Marketing Director - Solutions

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