Join us for this behind-the-scenes look into how Snowflake’s IT and security teams are using our own Snowflake Data Cloud to protect our environment. 

Many companies adopt a security framework such as NIST, CIS, or ISO to set standards for workflows such as asset management. But few can track their performance against these standards with metrics, because the supporting data is siloed away in spreadsheets or separate systems. Though that may be enough to support annual audits, it leaves executives with no day-to-day visibility into how the organisation is performing, making it all but impossible to manage improvements. 

The IT and security teams at Snowflake have a better way. Join this session to learn why this solution was ground-breaking to our IT and security leaders, including Snowflake’s Chief Data and Information Officer, Sunny Bedi, VP of Security, Mario Duarte, and Head of Cyber Security Industry, Omer Singer. See how we “drink our own champagne” and use Snowflake to give IT, security, and engineering teams as well as executives real-time visibility into our performance against controls, and how we automate remediation and link Snowflake to ServiceNow and other systems. 

Join us to learn:

  • Why visibility is becoming a board-level expectation for CIOs and CISOs
  • How you can create a metric to measure the performance of every CIS control 
  • How to find and use Snowflake’s open source implementation of CIS for AWS and Azure
  • How Snowflake uses real-time dashboards to manage improvements in our posture
  • How to get this visibility by unifying your IT and security data in Snowflake 

  • Sunny Bedi

    Chief Information and Data Officer

  • Omer Singer

    Head of Cyber Security Industry

  • Mario Duarte

    VP, Security