Now, more than ever, organizations across industries are relying on data sources both internal and external to their organization to enable more-effective decision-making for their business. In the past, access to third-party data was cumbersome and resulted in stale, out-of-date data, and delayed time to utilization.

Enter the data marketplace. Data marketplaces have streamlined access to third-party data by easily connecting data providers with data consumers and have even enabled organizations to monetize their own data assets in ways they hadn’t before.

Tune into this live webinar and Q&A session to hear:

  • An overview of different data exchange models that exist today
  • Questions to ask internally and externally—to find the best data exchange for your organization
  • A deep dive into Snowflake Collaboration and Snowflake Marketplace

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  • Joe Hilleary

    Research Analyst, Eckerson Group

  • Travis Kaufman

    Product Marketing Director - Solutions, Snowflake