The healthcare industry faces complex challenges not seen in the past, leading it to move beyond traditional data analysis to more powerful outcome-based analytics. Rising U.S. healthcare costs are pressuring payers to provide cost-effective services and improved member experiences. With Snowflake’s Data Cloud, payers can leverage outcome-based analytics to optimize results for members while reducing costs and streamlining operations. Join Todd Crosslin, Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences Strategy at Snowflake, to learn how the Data Cloud enables greater data transparency, stronger partnerships, opportunities for new products, and offerings that improve member experiences.


Join this webinar to learn how the Data Cloud enables healthcare payers to:

  • Leverage outcome-based analytics and optimize results for members
  • Reduce costs and streamlining operations
  • Gain greater data transparency and stronger partnerships
  • Have opportunities for new products and offerings that improve member experiences
  • Todd Crosslin

    Global Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Snowflake

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