While Generative AI was the technology story of 2023, in 2024, we expect organizations to shift from the art of the possible to actually launching consumer-facing Gen AI applications. With Gen AI set to drive efficiencies across marketing, product development and customer service, how are retail and consumer goods organizations forging their Gen AI and data strategies in 2024? 

In this webinar, we dive into the opportunities, trends and risks accompanying Gen AI and ask industry experts to reveal their perspectives on the following topics: 

  • What are the data and AI trends that are top of mind for retail and consumer goods executives in 2024? 
    • Mention the latest news from NRF
  • How can brands leverage Generative AI capabilities to better serve customers while maintaining the human touch and personal connections?
  • What are the critical challenges faced by technology and business leaders around data governance and protection? 
  • How should companies get started on taking advantage of Gen AI capabilities?

In Partnership with:

  • Rosemary DeAragon

    Global Industry GTM Lead - Retail & CPG

  • Jill Standish

    Global Retail Lead

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