Data engineering and data science teams are commonly struggling with the cost and time needed to manually tune and configure their legacy Spark environments. Snowpark, Snowflake’s developer framework, offers a better solution with fast performance and built-in governance while leaving behind all the operational complexity. Snowpark brings data processing and pipelines written in Python, Java, and Scala to Snowflake’s elastic processing engine. Migration from Spark to Snowpark is easy—there is minimal code change needed from Snowpark’s Spark-like DataFrames and extensive external support from Snowflake’s systems integrators, like phData. 

Join this webinar to hear from phData, an expert Snowflake services partner in Spark to Snowpark migrations, to learn about the: 

  • Benefits of moving from Spark to Snowpark
  • Best practices for Snowpark POCs 
  • Snowpark use cases across industries
  • Lucy Zhu

    Product Marketing Manager

  • Annelise Konst

    Solutions Architect

  • Nick Pileggi

    Sr. Solutions Architect

  • Su Dogra

    Partner Sales Engineer

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