Providing learning and support for students has been a challenge for school districts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) was in need of new ways to measure attendance, student engagement, and learning success.

LAUSD uses a variety of applications for the student learning workflow, including Schoology, SeeSaw, NearPod, Edulastic, Eureka Math, Discovery Science, Great Minds, Benchmark, Renaissance, Amplify and others. Each of these applications has basic reporting capabilities, but LAUSD wanted to measure all student engagement with a single pane of glass.

During this session, we’ll describe how Red Pill Analytics and LAUSD used Snowflake’s Data Cloud to measure the engagement of over 450,000 students. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and ask about…

  • Why Snowflake was selected for this initiative vs. their legacy on-prem data stack
  • LAUSD’s modern data stack, including Fivetran for data ingestion, Data Build Tool (dbt) for data pipelines, and Tableau for the analytics experience
  • Stewart Bryson

    CEO & Founder at Red Pill Analytics

  • Grace Peng

    Misis Manager | Application Architect at Los Angeles Unified School District

  • Stuart Ritchie

    Enterprise Account Executive at Snowflake

Red Pill Analytics is a BI & Analytics company that helps customers see data differently. Red Pill combines the best elements of cloud-native technologies, agile development, and continuous innovation to deliver a more valuable services model. Red Pill’s CEO, Stewart Bryson, is an award-winning speaker and writer, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, Snowflake Data Hero and Oracle ACE Director.


Red Pill Analytics and Snowflake have partnered together to offer LAUSD a data-driven, agile, automated solution that revolves around easy access to data. Snowflake’s cloud-native architecture — specifically the separation of compute and storage — enables automated lifecycle tasks that complete in seconds instead of hours. Ease of deployment, speed of operation and the Data Sharehouse (™) architecture helps Red Pill and Snowflake users access and process data in a continuous fashion.