In an era where most global companies consider themselves data-first companies and are prioritising self-service analytics, many companies are not building and serving their data with the democratisation, flexibility, and versatility it deserves. The most common data architecture is still centralised and monolithic. 

To remain a data-first organisation and to continue to prioritise self-service analytics, companies must move away from a centralised data architecture and consider alternatives. One such alternative is the domain-driven data mesh.  

This approach requires a 180-degree shift from a centralised data platform architecture to a decentralised, domain-driven construct (some might describe it as microservices for data).

Watch this master class with Snowflake and to learn:

  • What the practical challenges are of implementing a data mesh
  • Design patterns that can be used to overcome these challenges   
  • How to be successful in building a domain-driven data mesh


In partnership with:

  • Chris Atkinson

    Partner Global CTO, Snowflake

  • Guy Adams


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