Marketing to businesses can sometimes feel like a black box. With long sales cycles, multiple stakeholders, and complex land and expand journeys, it can be hard to understand how marketing activities are leading to results.

Watch this webinar to learn how the marketing and analytics engineering teams at Lucid turned to the Data Cloud to build a unified view across their enterprise, make data-driven decisions, and improve marketing outcomes. Learn how to:

  • Use the Data Cloud to integrate disparate marketing, customer, and operational data sources
  • Build powerful customer 360-degree views using modeling tools such as dbt
  • Activate data across channels and measure results in closed-loop campaigns with reverse ETL tools like Hightouch

In partnership with:



  • Mallory Reese-Bagley

    Marketing Operations Manager, Lucid

  • Weston Rowley

    Senior Manager, Strategy and Analytics, Lucid

  • Lourenco Mello

    Product Marketing Lead - Solutions, Snowflake