Data engineering and data science teams commonly struggle with the cost of manually tuning and configuring their legacy Spark environments, which not only require more maintenance time but also have a higher risk of pipeline failures. Snowpark is the set of libraries and runtimes that securely enable developers to deploy and process Python code in Snowflake. Customers transitioning from managed Spark to Snowpark for data pipelines and ML are seeing a median of 3.5 faster performance and 34% cost savings. 

During this webinar, Snowpark customer Intercontinental Exchange, parent company of the NYSE, will share how they migrated surveillance reports to Snowpark with significant cost savings. 

Join this webinar for the opportunity to:

  • Hear Intercontinental Exchange share its Snowpark journey
  • Explore the direct and indirect cost savings achieved by utilizing Snowpark
  • Learn how to kick-start your journey with Snowpark
  • Anand Pradhan

    Senior Director, Regulatory and NMS Tech

  • Durgesh Das

    Senior Director,
    Data Engineering and Analytics

  • Maneesh Chhabra

    Managing Principal, Value Engineering

  • Lucy Zhu

    Product Marketing Manager

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