Today’s organisations are generating more and more data from growing numbers of sources. Many have struggled to keep pace as they seek to get more value from their data, more quickly.
Businesses need their data teams to become more responsive to changing data demands. They need a new way of thinking about how they deal with data platforms and the data within them. One solution to emerge in recent years is data mesh. This decentralised data organisational approach relieves many of the growing pains that occur when an organisation sets out to become more data-driven.
Join our webinar on 19 October in partnership with if you’d like to learn:

  • How DataOps quickly identifies and prepares the right data to satisfy a business need
  • Why the Snowflake Data Cloud is an ideal foundation sustaining excellent DataOps and data mesh processes
  • How DataOps and Snowflake can empower your data mesh and manage data products more effectively
  • Raazia Ali,

    Engineering Manager, Data and Machine Learning, Upside

  • Ryan Rollings

    Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Upside

  • Julian Forero

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Snowflake