Customers are asking for banks to know who they are and dynamically serve their unique needs consistently at every interaction. While banks are in the midst of their digital transformations and there are strategies that banks can implement to deliver the experience customers expect, there is still no Amazon of banking. What are the barriers stopping these banks in delivering personalization at scale? 

In this webinar, learn how Snowflake’s Data Cloud can help truly remove internal silos and enrich customer data to create unique customer DNAs by enabling access, governance, and action. You’ll hear from Snowflake customer Happy Money’s Chief Revenue Officer, Joseph Heck, and Senior Director of Data Confidence, Bill Homan-Muise, on how they are leveraging the Data Cloud to power personalized experiences in banking.

  • Amelia Guertin

    Product Marketing, Snowflake

  • Bill Homan-Muise

    Sr. Director of Data Confidence, Happy Money

  • Joseph Heck

    Chief Revenue Officer, Happy Money

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