Compare Club goes from data silos to seamless, closed-loop marketing execution

As a comparison services company, Compare Club considers making smart, data-driven decisions core to its strategy. However, with data spread across sources, Sales, Marketing, and Support had to rely on Excel or fragile custom integration, resulting in stale insights and suboptimal decisions.

Watch this webinar to learn how the data team leveraged the Data Cloud to create a single source of truth and power its end-to-end marketing strategies. 

Learn how to:

  • Provide access to customer data from a single source in Snowflake
  • Deploy reverse ETL tools such as Hightouch to activate campaigns across Braze, Google Ads, and Facebook
  • Conduct timely attribution measurement by sharing data back into Snowflake





  • Ryan Newsome

    Head of Data and Analytics, Compare Club

  • Ganesh Subramanian

    Director of Product Marketing, Snowflake

  • Lori Merchan

    Head of Member Experience, Compare Club