Data science and machine learning (ML) create a competitive advantage for companies. But to be successful, organisations need to obtain more varied data than ever before and quickly provide it to their data scientists. Ingesting, processing, and cleansing data rapidly can be challenging. And integrating that data with the latest ML tools, frameworks, and libraries is critical.

With Snowflake, data scientists have more time to explore new models and try new ML tools through Snowflake’s extensive partner ecosystem. Join this webinar to find out how Snowflake provides a centralised source of high performance data to a robust ecosystem of data science partners to help data scientists be faster and more efficient.

Learn how to better optimise your analytics with data science and see how the following features of Snowflake’s Data Cloud can transform your organisation’s use of data:
  • How Snowpark for Python is designed to make building complex data pipelines much easier
  • Snowflake query performance services
  • Using Snowpark for Python and Python UDFs for simplifying building, training, and deploying models
  • A streamlined approach to unifying your BI analytics with data science

Please note we will be showcasing functionality that is currently in private preview.




  • Eva Murray

    Lead Evangelist, Snowflake

  • Mats Stellwall

    Principal Sales Engineer, Snowflake