An estimated 25% of marketing budgets are wasted, in large part due to marketers’ inability to precisely measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Attribution enables marketers to uncover which campaigns or touchpoints customers interact with prior to closing an opportunity, unlocking a deeper understanding of how to maximize the impact of their campaigns. Without attribution marketers are operating in the dark, spending money and time creating content or running ads without understanding what is driving results. 

Snowflake technology, when complemented by a robust partner ecosystem, can provide marketers the needed visibility to optimize marketing spend and increase campaign effectiveness. 

Join us for this session, where you’ll hear from the leaders of the Snowflake Marketing Intelligence team on how they leverage Snowflake technology to successfully implement marketing attribution, drive new efficiencies, and improve campaign effectiveness. Attend this webinar and Q&A to learn how:

  • Snowflake unifies disparate marketing, customer, and operational data sources to create a single source of truth
  • Snowflake uses the Data Cloud to measure the effectiveness of Snowflake’s B2B marketing efforts
  • To provide B2B marketing teams with the data they need to be a trusted adviser to sales
  • Matt Loskamp

    Manager, Data Science, Snowflake

  • Branden Ciranni

    Business Intelligence, Snowflake

  • Lourenço Mello

    Product Marketing - Solutions, Snowflake