Introducing Unistore

Managing multiple database technologies and building integration pipelines is a huge burden for IT teams. They’re forced to copy and move data between systems, which delays access to the data app developers rely on to build and innovate quickly with. If you’re looking for an easy solution to work with both your transactional and analytical data together in a single place, you’re in luck. 

Meet Unistore—a new workload delivering a modern approach to working with transactional and analytical data together in a single platform. This enables users to build transactional apps directly on Snowflake, run real-time analytical queries on transactional data, and get a unified approach to governance and security. 

Join us to learn about:

  • Unistore—what this new workload is, who it’s for, and what use cases it solves
  • Hybrid Tables, a new table type in Snowflake to support fast single-row operations
  • How a single data set can transform the way your teams work and build apps in the future


  • John Gontarz

    Principal Data Platform Architect, Field CTO Office

  • Phillip Coletti

    Senior Product Manager

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