Telecom providers possess a powerful tool: location, location, location. The collection of spatial data, such as crowd density, key customer demographics, and connected-device location, presents Telecom operators with the unique opportunity to tap into new revenue streams.

Decision-makers across all industries are looking for new insights into their customers and operations, and are increasingly willing to pay for them. With the emergence of cloud-native spatial analytics and rapid data exploration, this opportunity has become a reality for both sides.

Join Snowflake and CARTO  to learn about advanced spatial analysis and explore the benefits of spatial data monetisation, including:

  • Utilising network traffic data for insights that inform strategic decisions.
  • Harnessing data from connected devices to improve operations.
  • Optimising the customer experience through location-relevant services. 

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  • Jennifer Belissent

    Principal Data Strategist

  • Jaime Sánchez Arias

    Strategic Partnerships