Explore the collaboration between Snowflake and Boingo Wireless in our upcoming fireside chat with Phil Kippen, Head of Industry for Telecommunications at Snowflake, and Derek Peterson, CTO at Boingo. Learn how Boingo, a leader in wireless network infrastructure, leverages Snowflake’s technology to unify network data and empower AI and machine learning models. You will learn how these advancements have enabled the development of intelligent, self-healing networks, enhancing service delivery and customer experiences.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of telecommunications and discover how AI integration in data management is revolutionizing network management and customer interactions in the telecom industry.

During the webinar, we will explore:

  • Network Innovation with AI: Boingo Wireless uses Snowflake’s technology for intelligent, self-healing network management, boosting service quality and customer experience in telecom.
  • Transformation Through Data: Boingo’s shift from traditional data handling to Snowflake’s Data Cloud enhances network performance and analytics capabilities.
  • AI’s Role in Telecom: Explore how AI and machine learning transform network management in telecom, focusing on predictive and proactive solutions.
  • Phil Kippen

    Global Head of Industry, Telecommunications

  • Dr. Derek Peterson

    Chief Technology Officer
    Boingo Wireless

  • Michael Carroll

    Mobile World Live