The Digital Operational Resilience Act, or DORA, was introduced by the EU nearly 18 months ago and will apply to all firms offering financial services across the bloc in early 2025. The central tenet of the Act is to ensure that all financial services firms―including buy-side and sell-side firms, insurance companies, rating agencies, and exchanges and clearing houses―develop the necessary operational resilience to maintain the integrity of their services in the event of operational disruption. Critical to maintaining operational integrity are identification and mitigation of information and communication technology (ICT) risks, third party risks and cyber threats – both of which have become increasingly common in recent years.

This webinar will address the following themes:

  • The practical and operational implications firms need to consider when complying with DORA, including a discussion of areas often underestimated in terms of complexity when addressing the Act’s various tenets.
  • The organizational best practices firms should look to develop internally and adopt as a means of mitigating the business, regulatory and reputational risks facing them should they experience operational breaches and/or non-compliance.
  • The standards of operational processes, governance and technical robustness firms should look for when vetting potential service or third-party partners.
  • The organizational best practices firms should look to develop to address third-party risk management
  • How Snowflake is enabling our customers to prepare for DORA
  • Jatin Bansal

    Senior Risk & Compliance Analyst

  • Fahad Burney

    Regulatory SME on operational resilience and DORA

  • Sarah Christman

    Head of Operational Risk and Resilience Lowell

  • Victor Anderson

    Global Content Director

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