Digital advertisers and paid media professionals today are challenged with tying clicks to revenue to maximize ROAS (return on ad spend), personalizing advertising content, navigating privacy challenges, and leveraging insights from the walled gardens of a multitude of ad platforms. 

At Snowflake, our in-house digital marketing team overcomes these challenges by building a digital ads ecosystem on the Data Cloud that enables them to unify marketing and campaign data in a single platform to better manage marketing budget and maximize both ROAS and overall ROI. 

Learn how our in-house digital ads team and marketing intelligence team:

  • Unify all data on a single platform for a full 360 degree view
  • Build interactive apps in Streamlit for accurate, self-serve insights and to better manage budget pacing
  • Achieve scalable growth and a continuous feedback loop
  • Predict on full-funnel metrics (from responses to SQOs) to aid in budgeting and optimization
  • Amy Wong

    Director, Digital Demand Generation,

  • Daniel Chow

    Data Scientist,

  • Sumit Gupta

    Senior Business Intelligence Analyst,

  • Matt Loskamp

    Manager, Data Science,

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