Unpredictability and disruption are running high when it comes to the overall industry supply chain. COVID-19 and recent global events are testing the resilience and flexibility of supply chains, causing trillions of dollars in lost revenues for organizations globally to date.

As a manufacturing organization, while you cannot change the major disruptions occurring in the global supply chain, you do have the power to increase your visibility into your supply chain, which will lead to better resilience. This is where data and, more specifically, data collaboration can help.

Tune into this webinar to learn:

  • How you can increase visibility and resilience in your overall supply chain with data collaboration
  • How to power supply chain agility by gaining visibility with existing suppliers as well as finding new alternate suppliers
  • How Snowflake and leading Snowflake Marketplace partners Resilinc and Soleadify are enabling customers to create a more resilient supply chain, mitigate risk, and reduce revenue loss

Featured listing: Resilinc EventWatch AI

  • Tim Long

    Manufacturing GTM Lead, Snowflake

  • Sumit Vakil

    Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Resilinc

  • Riyaz Nakhooda

    VP Customer Solutions, Soleadify

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