Modern, agile advertising requires real-time access to audience data and insights, frequently driven by data collaboration. However, traditional methods of data sharing are time intensive, often resulting in delayed access to data and out-of-date data. This makes it difficult for marketers and advertisers to derive real-time insights. But new technologies such as data clean rooms can solve this challenge. 

Join this webinar hosted by Adweek to hear from experts at data cloud leader Snowflake about best practices for data sharing in media. You’ll find out:

  • Tactics for decreasing time-to-data access from months to minutes
  • What a clear data strategy and data governance approach should cover related to data exchanges
  • How to leverage clean rooms to securely share and access data
  • Adrian Bolosan

    Industry Principal, Media & Advertising, Snowflake

  • Kieran Kennedy

    Head of Data Marketplace, Snowflake

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