Due to privacy concerns and an incentive for the large tech companies to maintain their exclusive access to first party consumer data, the market is ridding itself of 3rd party cookies, which was the traditional approach to creating a single customer identity with disparate data sets. Without 3rd party cookies or access to underlying data, a new paradigm must be developed to share data securely across brands, agencies, and publishers.

During this webinar you will:
  • Discover the unique Secure Multiparty Computation capabilities of the Data Cloud, including data clean rooms, for solving identity resolution, attribution, and measurement
  • Learn the implications of third-party cookie deprecation and related industry changes on marketers and advertisers
  • Dive into Snowflake’s data sharing capabilities, including how to use data clean rooms, for campaign planning, campaign execution, and measuring attribution across parties
  • Hear best practices for improving attribution reporting while increasing data security and privacy compliance


  • Ross Perez

    Senior Director, International Product Marketing, Snowflake