This new paradigm requires thinking about data as an asset – yes, we’ve heard that before – but also as a product. That word gets thrown out a lot these days as well. In the data world, the data mesh paradigm includes “data as a product” as a foundational principle.

For many data leaders, the opportunity is obvious. The oft cited McKinsey study estimates that data collaboration generates $3 trillion annually. And, data collaboration starts with data sharing – making data available for others to use and derive value from. Or, in other words, it’s about monetising data externally. However, most data leaders find even getting started to be daunting. 

Join this discussion to learn:

  • How to identify potential use cases for building data products and services 
  • Examples of how organisations have commercialised their data
  • Five steps on how you can get started with monetising your data 


  • Jennifer Belissent

    Principal Data Strategist, Snowflake