Understanding the customer journey and gaining visibility into campaign effectiveness across all channels is at the core of how marketers think about driving the business forward. However, many marketers struggle to build a foundational 360-degree view of their customer data due to the explosion of data silos and the heterogeneity of existing channels and touchpoints.

Watch this webinar to learn how Slack utilizes Snowflake to build a unified view across all of its customer data to facilitate audience creation, execute multi-touch attribution, and improve marketing outcomes. Learn how to:

  • Use the Data Cloud to unify disparate marketing, customer, and operational data sources
  • Lay the foundation for multi-touch attribution through identity resolution and event history
  • Provide a single source of truth where marketers can explore and create audiences easily
  • Joohee Yoo

    Senior Manager, Slack

  • Shruthi Chandra

    Lead Member of Technical Staff, Slack

  • Lourenco Mello

    Product Marketing - Solutions, Snowflake