Join Snowflake’s leading experts as they discuss the behemoth that is generative AI. They will share predictions of how generative AI will radically reshape data science, cybersecurity, applications—and every organization’s business strategy.

Regardless of where you are in your data strategy, we have a number of conversations to start thinking about today, for value from your data and generative AI preparedness tomorrow.

This webinar covers upcoming trends across:

  • Data Science
  • Application development,
  • Governance
  • And more in the age of gen AI

Prepare yourself and your team to tackle your 2024 data initiatives.

  • Sunny Bedi

    CIO & CDO

  • Christian Kleinerman

    SVP of Product

  • Sridhar Ramaswamy

    SVP of AI

  • Mario Duarte

    VP, Security

  • Jennifer Belissent

    Principal Data Strategist

  • Adrien Treuille

    Head of Streamlit

  • Mona Attariyan

    Director of Machine Learning

  • Anoosh Saboori

    Principal Product Manager

  • Amanda Kelly

    Streamlit Product Director

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