For financial services organizations, continued inflationary pressures, recession fears, and tighter regulations are positioned as the industry narrative for 2023. These disruptions will have a substantial impact on the financial service sectors and their business models.

To overcome such obstacles, leading banks and asset management firms will prioritize and mobilize data strategies to assist in decision-making, risk mitigation, and enhancing successful business outcomes.

Join us for a panel discussion hosted by American Banker/Financial Planning Magazine with EY and BNY Mellon as our data and analytics experts discuss the top emerging trends and priorities for data-centric financial services companies, in addition to: 

  • Best practices and challenges faced when building a data-first strategy
  • The types of banking and asset management data workflows and how data strategies will further transform an already data-intensive industry
  • How banking and asset management executives leverage the cloud, adopt innovative data strategies, and implement them across their organizations.
  • Rinesh Patel

    Global Head of Financial Services

  • Phillip Andriyevsky

    Data and Analytics,
    Principle Wealth and Asset Management

  • Nikita Ogievetsky

    Head of Data and Analytics
    BNY Mellon / Pershing X

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