In recent years, Data Mesh has become one of the most popular IT transformation concepts.

Many companies are choosing Data Mesh for decentralized data management to improve data agility and avoid the organizational bottlenecks of centralized approaches.

A Data Mesh typically requires both – an organizational and a technical transformation.

This webinar presents how Snowflake is often used as a self-service data platform that enables distributed domains to create, govern, and share data products.

Learn how Snowflake can help you on your Data Mesh journey!

In this 60 minute on demand webinar (in English) you can:

  • Listen to how we describe Snowflake’s overall approach to Data Mesh as well as key capabilities of the Snowflake platform that are uniquely suited to support Data Mesh implementations.
  • See in a live demo how some of these capabilities, such as the Snowflake Data Exchange where distributed teams can easily publish, discover, and obtain relevant data assets