Retailers of all sizes face challenges at different levels of their business, but every step of the retail process can be improved and streamlined with an appropriate data architecture in place, and one source of truth to inform every decision.

On June 14th, learn how the Snowflake Data Cloud can serve as a data unifier for retailers to accelerate their data-driven transformation journey, ultimately leading to higher margins and increased revenues. 

We will be joined by Snowflake elite partner Infostrux as they present their unique solutions dedicated to Retail & CPG organizations.  With Infostrux, businesses go from Zero to Snowflake, unlock advanced use cases with Machine Learning and AI to deploy demand forecasts and clear a path to true innovation.

Plus, hear from a Snowflake customer! Cedric Abali, Director of Data Products at Air Miles, will dive into Air Miles’ own data strategy and showcase several Retail-specific use cases uniquely enabled by the Snowflake Data Cloud.



In this webinar, we will discuss:
  • Making the right inventory available to the right customer with a robust data-driven solution that increases yields and returns.
  • Understanding different marketing data sources to implement interventions that influence topline revenue.
  • Consolidating data across a retail organization and giving key stakeholders the ability to run real-time analysis on these datasets.

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In Partnership With

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  • Cedric Abali

    Director of Data Products at Air Miles

  • Braeden Hunt

    Sales Director at Snowflake

  • Anne-Marie Lemoine

    Director, Products & Solutions at Infostrux