Join our upcoming Snowflake Masterclass on October 6th for a deeper look into the unique ways the Snowflake Data Cloud is powering innovative solutions across industries and lines of business.

During this 2-hour webinar, our technical experts will dive deeper into new features and share how leading Manufacturing and Logistics companies are tackling tough data challenges using Snowflake.

Register to attend and see the Snowflake Data Cloud in action!


  • 10 min | Data Cloud for Manufacturing Overview
  • 25 min | Use Case 1: IoT Data Analysis & Predictive Maintenance: Overview and Reference Architecture
  • 20 min | Demo 1: Analyzing IOT data from a data lake using Snowflake and Tableau 
  • 10 min | Real-life Applications: Komatsu
  • 30 min | Use Case 2: How Snowflake and leading Data Marketplace partners are enabling customers to create a more resilient supply chain, mitigate risk, and reduce revenue loss
  • 20 min | Demo 2: De-risk and mitigate risk with your supply chain with Marketplace partners Resilinc and Soleadify