The need to store, transform, analyze and share telematics data for business intelligence (BI) is growing exponentially, with demand for data from multiple sources, devices and sensors also on the rise.

Join Snowflake and telematics expert, Lewis Clarke for Telematics: change the way you think about data, to:

  • Evaluate the journey we are all on to connect everything and everyone and the data that we generate, access and use.
  • Consider the V’s of Big Data (velocity, volume, value, variety & veracity) and how they impact your organisation, operations and customers.  
  •  Examine the entire datasphere from vehicle, infrastructure and cloud to realise and implement new data monetisation opportunities, and create a fully integrated data platform, connecting all of the devices and data sources you need.
  • Empower your executives, line-of-business users and data scientists with Snowflake’s multi-cluster, shared data architecture, built-for-the-cloud data warehouse.
  • Securely share governed data, in real time, across and between customers, partners and suppliers.

You will also have a chance to see a live demo, which will show you how to provision a new Snowflake account and start loading your data within minutes.

Lewis Clarke is a Senior Programme Manager and Technology Leader with an extensive career in telematics, telecommunications  and IT systems having worked with fixed, mobile and satellite technologies. He has worked with several global blue chip businesses including Jaguar Land Rover, Honeywell, Ericsson and Marconi.

  • Lewis Clarke

    Senior Programme Manager and Technology Leader