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Say Hello to the Data Cloud

The Data Cloud is a new type of cloud, so you can avoid bunkering and siloing your data across the infrastructure and application clouds, as well as your on-premise systems. The problems with data silos are numerous. First, it is difficult to join, augment, and integrate data from different silos, preventing us from gaining critical insights and understandings. Second, fragmented and proliferated data is a data governance nightmare. And finally, there is the economics of it all. We end up paying way more than we need to because it’s impossible to manage the use of capacity in such a fragmented environment.

The Data Cloud eliminates all of that. The Data Cloud starts with the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform, which thousands of customers around the world use and is the technology that underpins the Data Cloud. But what makes the Data Cloud unique is this large ecosystem of customers and their data. Each customer has a single source of truth for their own data, and the ability inside the Data Cloud to instantly share live data with each other in governed and secure ways.