Join this demo to see how the Media Data Cloud drives business growth through improved data and analytics. Our product experts will cover the demo in three sections: 

  • Accelerate Advertising Revenue: Learn how Snowflake’s data clean room technology enhances data privacy and data governance by conducting identity, enrichment, targeting, and measurement all within a platform without relying on legacy integration methodologies.
  • Habu Executive Chat: Hear about the combined power of Snowflake and Habu for clean rooms from Adrian Bolosan, Snowflake Industry Principal, and Alice Stratton, CRO at Habu.
  • Subscriber Acquisition and Retention: See how the Media Data Cloud can help reduce cost of acquisition and improve retention by storing all relevant subscriber data in one place, contextualizing first-party data with marketplace data providers, and applying machine learning directly in Snowflake.


  • Rachel Blum

    Field CTO, Snowflake

  • Adrian Bolosan

    Industry Principal, Media and Entertainment, Snowflake

  • Joe Cramer

    Principal Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Alice Stratton

    Chief Revenue Officer, Habu

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