In today’s data-driven environment, Marketing Analytics is crucial for organisations of all sizes to deliver growth-oriented business results. At Snowflake, our key marketing objective is to become the industry’s most insights-driven team to support our sales and marketing initiatives. 

During this session you’ll hear from the leaders of the Snowflake Marketing Intelligence team, who are responsible for every aspect of our marketing data strategy, as they detail our internal marketing process for leveraging Snowflake. 

Attend this webinar and Q&A to learn about:

  • The marketing analytics landscape, including a discussion of key industry trends and challenges
  • Key metrics and insights we use to drive our marketing analytics strategy
  • How we leverage the Data Cloud to build best-in-class dashboards and data science models
  • Business outcomes and future state
  • Guan Wang

    Director, Marketing Intelligence

  • Daisy Ding

    Data Analyst

  • Carl-Johan Wehtje

    Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst