Join us for this behind-the-scenes look into how Snowflake’s Sales Operations, Finance, and IT teams constructed our “Account 360” and use Snowflake as the source of truth for all account information. 

Salesforce is an essential CRM platform for sales, service and marketing teams everywhere. And now with the help of Snowflake, you can keep Salesforce up to date with high-quality, enriched account information from many other sources. It requires combining and reconciling the data, running advanced analytics internally for things such as propensity-to-buy scores, and keeping your Salesforce instance full of clean account data.

At Snowflake, Account 360 is a sophisticated solution that thousands of teammates depend on daily. In this session, you will learn how Sales Operations and Finance teams at Snowflake built it and why a growing number of Snowflake customers are adopting this pattern. You’ll hear from Kristen Werner, Director of Data Science and Engineering, and David Gojo, Data Science Manager, who leads this internal initiative at Snowflake.

Join us to learn how:

  • Snowflake combines data from key data partners using Snowflake Secure Data Sharing
  • To create clear rules and hierarchies to enrich data from multiple sources
  • Snowflake automates the process of updating Salesforce data
  • Our data science teams use Snowflake to enrich our Salesforce accounts
  • And lessons learned and how we safely handle errors and rollbacks
  • Kristen Werner

    Director of Data Science and Engineering at Snowflake

  • David Gojo

    Data Science Manager

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