What are Snowflake Office Hours?
  • Live, 30-minute case study and Q&A sessions with a Snowflake customer.
  • Ask industry peers questions about their Snowflake Cloud Data Platform implementation and how Snowflake has advanced their data analytics.

Trustpower is a leading NZ Multi-Utility, providing Power, Gas, Phone and Internet service across many networks, also offering phone, internet & gas. Trustpower was seeking to eliminate the challenges of a legacy on premises data warehouse and after an extensive evaluation selected Snowflake for their modern data platform.

Hear how Trustpower has deployed Snowflake using a modern data dev-ops approach in conjunction with dbt that has resulted in faster time to value for the business and allowed Trustpower to deliver improved analytic capabilities at scale.

What you’ll get:

  • A 10-minute overview of Trustpower experience using Snowflake + zero copy clones + dbt to deliver low risk deployments and automated data dev-ops
  • Followed by a live Q&A session during which Trustpower will answer any questions you have about how to get the best out of Snowflake
  • Chris Jenkins

    Data & Information Manager at Trustpower