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A Reliable Data Architecture Using Snowflake, Airflow, and dbt

Nowadays it is quite easy to spin up a data architecture that works fine: The market is full of plug-and-play tools that do their job. When a company grows and the requirements get stricter, working fine is not enough. It is important that a designed data infrastructure is reliable and resilient to failures.

Snowflake Cloud Data Platform and dbt scale well and are perfect solutions to integrate with Airflow, the open-source workflow management platform. Setting up a staging environment, having a testing framework, and deciding what and how to test are fundamental steps to perform during this process. There are many different approaches and best practices that should be used.

HousingAnywhere will share some of these best practices with you and provide practical examples of how to set up an easy, modular, reliable, and resilient data infrastructure.

  • Massimo Belloni

    Team Lead - Data Engineering, HousingAnywhere