Come join us for an in-depth look at Snowflake and understand the true power of Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform.

In this invitation-only 4-hour live webinar you will hear from your local Sales Engineering expert team on how to transform your legacy data architecture into a modern data platform.  Snowflake’s Modern Data Platform will help you reduce costs by removing the complexities of your current state architecture, improve your operational efficiencies by adopting more workloads on a modern data platform, and allow you to make better, quicker business decision by allowing immediate access to all of your data in a single source of truth.

Please find the demo minutes below:

  • Snowflake as your Cloud Data Platform: 
    In this presentation, you will gain a better understanding of what we mean by Cloud Data Platform and the obstacles Snowflake can help you overcome.
  • Snowflake as a Single Source of Truth (15 min) 
    In this demo, we will show you how Snowflake can handle all your data and allow you to make better and quicker decisions.
  • Snowflake Technical Deep Dive
    In this presentation, we will take you under the covers of Snowflake and provide a better understanding of why Snowflake is architecturally different from all other solutions.
  • Q&A (93 min)
  • Snowflake Performance (129 min)
    In this demonstration, we will show you why Snowflake is known for its great performance, helping you overcome query speed and concurrency pains felt today by most organizations.
  • Snowflake as a Data Lake (148 min)
    In this demo, we will show you how Snowflake can become your data lake or even complement an existing strategy.
  • Streaming Data into Snowflake (171 min)
    In this demo, we will take you through a near real-time ingestion demo that allows you to analyze data as soon as it arrives.
  • Data Science on Snowflake (186 min)
    In this demo, we will jump into our Jupyter Notebook and demonstrate how Snowflake works in an end to end data science scenario.
  • Q&A

*Cette séance sera conduite entièrement en anglais. Pour la version française, inscrivez-vous ici

  • John Palazzolo

    Sales Engineering Manager - Snowflake

  • Stephen Tom

    Sales Engineer - Snowflake

  • Robert Guglietti

    Senior Sales Engineer - Snowflake