Join the local New York Metro Sales Engineering expert team for an invitation-only 4-hour live webinar on how to transform your legacy data architecture into a modern data platform.

Snowflake’s Modern Data Platform will help you reduce costs by removing the complexities of your current state architecture, improve your operational efficiencies by adopting more workloads on a modern data platform, and allow you to make better, quicker business decision by allowing immediate access to all of your data in a single source of truth.

During this action-packed Webinar you will receive a crash course in Snowflake:

  • Snowflake as your Cloud Data Platform: 
    In this presentation, you will gain a better understanding of what we mean by Cloud Data Platform and the obstacles Snowflake can help you overcome.
  • Snowflake as a Single Source of Truth:
    In this demo, we will show you how Snowflake can handle all your data and allow you to make better and quicker decisions.
  • Snowflake Technical Deep Dive:
    In this presentation, we will take you under the covers of Snowflake and provide a better understanding of why Snowflake is architecturally different from all other solutions.
  • Q&A

35 min lunch Break, hear from the Snowflake Professional Services team while you Enjoy Lunch on Snowflake. By attending you are eligible to receive a  digital gift card to redeem towards lunch – 

  • Snowflake Performance:
    In this demonstration, we will show you why Snowflake is known for its great performance, helping you overcome query speed and concurrency pains felt today by most organizations.
  • Snowflake as a Data Lake:
    In this demo, we will show you how Snowflake can become your data lake or even complement an existing strategy.
  • Data Science on Snowflake:
    In this demo, we will walk you through an end-to-end data science scenario using Snowflake and a popular machine learning solution.
  • Closing Summary and Q&A
  • Frank Pacione

    Senior Sales Engineer-Snowflake

  • William Ingwersen

    Senior Sales Engineer-Snowflake

  • Mitchell Loren

    Solution Engineer-Snowflake

  • Ashish Patel

    Enterprise Sales Engineer-Snowflake

  • Marius Ndini

    Enterprise Sales Engineer-Snowflake

  • Allen Wong

    Sales Engineer-Snowflake

  • Amit Gupta

    Presales Engineer-Snowflake

  • Ed DiCosmo

    Senior Sales Engineer-Snowflake