Even with the abundance of data CMOs have available to them today, delivering data-driven marketing can still be a challenge. Having access to all this data, in one place, to generate a single view of the customer that is fed into your marketing campaigns, decision-making and product and service development, can be difficult. With Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform, data is made easy for CMOs.

Join us for this coffee morning session, where we’ll be sharing how Snowflake allows CMOs to utilise the true power of the data they hold, in real-time, with minimal effort.

We’ll also be joined by Paul Coward, Strategy & Insight Director at RAC. Paul will share his experience of using Snowflake and the positive impact it’s had on RAC’s customer marketing strategy.

In this session, we will discuss:
– Common data challenges every CMO faces
– What is Snowflake?
– How can Snowflake support CMOs with these data challenges?
– How to begin your Snowflake journey with CACI


  • 8:30 Introduction: David Sealey
  • 8:35 Q&A with Paul Coward, Strategy and Insight Director, RAC 
  • 8:55 Snowflake for CMOs: Jon Ede, Director of Managed Services, CACI
  • 9:10 Questions from attendees
  • 9:25 Further Information:
    • CACI Snowflake Playbook for Marketing
    • CACI Hand’s On Labs for Marketers
  • 9:30 Close

If you’re unable to join the live roundtable, register to receive a recording that you can watch at your leisure.

  • Jonathan Ede

    Director, Technology & Managed Services

  • David Sealey

    Director of Strategy & Growth at CACI