HubSpot has over 3300+ global employees, with a hybrid data team of 200+ people including data engineers, analytics engineers, and data analysts. 

Join James Densmore, HubSpot’s Director of Data Infrastructure, to learn about the tools and workflows HubSpot is adopting to keep the data team productive as it grows.

This live webinar and Q&A  will cover: 

> Increasing analyst productivity: Why the reusability of dbt data models has been such a big win for HubSpot’s team.

> Decreasing time spent on data engineering: How dbt and Snowflake remove the need for analysts to do data engineering tasks like managing Airflow or thinking about scaling compute.

> Building a better data organization: How data engineers, analytics engineers, and data analysts collaborate to deliver trusted data sets to end-users in Looker. 

> Snowflake, dbt, and the analytics engineering workflow: A discussion of why Snowflake pairs so well with the dbt viewpoint and workflow led by Tristan Handy, founder of Fishtown Analytics (maintainers of dbt)

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