From time to time you need data that does not exist in your own organisation. Enriching an e-mail address with demographic information or validating a postal address are two such examples. In the past you could buy this data from third parties, but Snowflake’s Data Marketplace makes this task much easier and more transparent by bringing together providers and consumers of data in a central location.

Now, external data is just a JOIN away from your data warehouse. Yes, that’s right. Subscribe to a data set and instantly consume it in your Data Warehouse. No ETL or coding needed.

In this webinar we explain how the Snowflake Data Marketplace works and how you can take advantage of it for your own data warehouse. Sonra has made available address, census, and other data sets from the UK and Ireland and will demonstrate how to use this data from the Data Marketplace to enrich and improve your own data sets.

Attend this webinar to see:

  • Overview Snowflake Data Exchange & Snowflake Data Marketplace
  • Irish Data Marketplace overview and roadmap
  • Demo Ireland & UK data
  • Q&A and Next Steps


In partnership with Sonra