Join Snowflake and SecuPi on the 23rd October for a live webinar on Data Privacy, Data Encryption and Data Leakage Prevention.

Ever growing regulatory pressure and data breach risks require addressing data anonymization, encryption and fine-grained access controls. This webinar will discuss the current regulatory and industry state and will explore best practices to address the different regulatory requirements. In addition, we will also present joint solutions to data leakage risks using Snowflake.

Wednesday, 23 October at 12:00 PM

Featured Speaker:
Jonathan Sanders
Snowflake Security Field CTO

Jonathan joined Snowflake in 2018 as Security Field CTO. Prior to Snowflake Jonathan worked as a web programmer, he then moved to the vendor side in tech support and then to a systems engineer. 22 years ago those first vendor roles were in security, but Jonathan then moved into database performance and replication until he moved back into security 15 years ago. Jonathon previously built the IAM & security line of business at Quest and stayed until the Dell acquisition. He also had strategy and CTO roles at small security vendors like Lieberman Software and STEALTHbits.

Featured Speaker:
Alon Rosenthal
SecuPi CEO and co-founder

Alon Rosenthal brings more than 15 years of technology leadership experience to his role as CEO of SecuPi. Prior to establishing SecuPi in 2014, Alon was the founder of ActiveBase and also invented dynamic data masking, while growing the company from a start-up to a global entity. Alon won twice the Gartner Cool Vendor prize and the SC Magazine Innovation Award and sold ActiveBase to Informatica, where it later became a part of the Informatica product line. He also has an MBA degree in Business from Tel Aviv University and dual Bachelors in Engineering and Economics, both in summa cum laude from Technion Institute of Technology and served as an officer in the Israeli Intelligence Unit.