Healthcare has significant and entrenched challenges. The way forward is data-driven.

Today, healthcare data is typically stored in silos in conventional data warehouses (on-prem or cloud) and big data solutions (Hadoop) that struggle to deliver on their fundamental purpose: to make it easy to consolidate data, enable rapid analytics, and derive insights for all your business users. For example, genomic sequencing generates huge amounts of data that pushes the limits of the database technologies employed today.

Snowflake is a fully transactional SQL analytic database, cloud built from the ground up. It’s designed with a patented architecture to handle massive amounts of structured or semi-structured data and to support analytics on that data with unmatched performance and effectively unlimited concurrency. The result? A data warehouse that enables users to realize analyses and deploy solutions that are not possible otherwise. Snowflake is also delivered as a usage-based service that is orders of magnitude more cost effective than our competitors. Finally, something that is especially relevant for healthcare is that Snowflake’s architecture enables secure, simple and instantaneous data sharing, without data movement or copying. We believe that Snowflake might be the perfect tool to store, join and query extremely large datasets that organizations could then securely provide access to for partners and customers without fork lifting petabytes of data from one location to another.

The use cases span all stakeholders in healthcare… from Payers to Providers, Genomics to Workflow Optimization, Pharmacy to Oncology, and Pharma to Med Device IoT.  Not only is Snowflake a tremendous value proposition within these sub verticals, the power of data sharing allows all stakeholders to collaborate across sub verticals in ways never before imagined.

Join us for a webinar that will show the art of the possible.

Monday, 16 September at 1:00 PM BST


  • Todd Crosslin

    Vice President Healthcare Strategy