Multi-Regioned, Multi-Tenanted, Multi-Data Sourced; Single Snowflake Solution

Vix Technology provides transport and ticketing solutions for automated fare collection to public transport operators and authorities. We are a worldwide company in business for over 30 years capturing billions of transactions annually. We develop highly scalable cloud architecture, built for efficiently linking a complex network of partners.

Our data warehouse needed to catch up with our serverless solutions, and our Crystal environment did not satisfy our modern requirements.

This session will describe how we modernised our data lake and warehouse into a multi-regioned, multi-tenanted worldwide serverless solution ingesting and serving billions of rows of transactional data every year. We will talk about the business of Vix, how we collect data, and how Snowflake has helped surface the value we knew could be found within it.

The session will describe the data pipeline from our data source edges, through our AWS architecture and into Snowflake. It will also discuss some of the challenges we faced in providing a single solution for many customers, and how Snowflake has allowed each of them to securely self-serve with little or no involvement from Vix. And in doing so, will highlight how easy access to their data is helping transport agencies plan their services, predict public transport demand, and optimise their fares to best suit their passengers

What you’ll get:
  • Live, Snowflake customer presentation
  • Followed by a live Q&A session which Vix Technology will answer any questions you have about how to get the best out of Snowflake
  • Simon Davies

    Cloud Data Architect

  • James Ho

    Software Team Lead

  • Phillip Hampton

    Principal Data Engineer