Futuristic Data Platforms Using Snowflake

When we started on the journey of transforming Latitude Financial Services, Australia’s largest Credit provider into a digital organisation, we realised we would need a modern warehouse that could meet demands of digital era. A warehouse that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to run.

Apart from the unique feature of on demand compute, We chose snowflake to build our Analytical platform for its performance and ease with which we could build automation pipelines using technologies like Kafka and Airflow.

Our pipelines are automation tested (we do not employ QA’s) and self-validating. We use open source tools like dbt to automate almost everything related to snowflake. During this process we have up skilled our data analysts with skills that sets them up for success in a data driven digital organisation.

What you’ll get:
  • Live, Snowflake customer presentation
  • Followed by a live Q&A session which Latitude Financial Services will answer any questions you have about how to get the best out of Snowflake
  • Keshav Murthy

    Principal Data Engineer