Join Lightfold and Snowflake for this on demand 45-minute session + Q&A. Snowflake is powering the long-awaited cloud revolution in data analytics architecture. Register for this webinar to learn how Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform can be seamlessly connected to Salesforce Einstein Analytics in real-time – as though your entire data warehouse was already inside Salesforce.

Join this session to learn:

  • What Salesforce Einstein Analytics is and why it’s so powerful for Salesforce businesses
  • How Snowflake turbo-charges Salesforce and Salesforce Einstein Analytics
  • What businesses can actually do with these combined technologies and how it can drive better customer marketing, sales and service
  • What new possibilities open up through the Snowflake – Salesforce partnership

In Partnership With




  • John Cosgrove

    CEO, Lightfold

  • Clive Astbury

    Regional Manager, Sales and Engineering, Snowflake