Rue La La Achieves Modern Customer 360 Analytics in the Cloud

Date: March 15, 2017

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Internet retailer Rue La La brings high-end brands to its more than 16 million members. With limited quantities of each style, Rue La La must have the data to make quick purchasing decisions before the product is gone.

A Big Data Problem

Rue La La Before Cloud Data Analytics

Rue La La stored its structured data in a legacy enterprise data warehouse. Their semi-structured email and clickstream data needed to be housed in a separate platform.

Rue La La needed to unify these two data sources to gain a 360-view of its customers.

Their challenges:

Rue La La’s disparate data silos were limiting their analysts’ ability to integrate their data and analyze it together. Challenges included:

  • Significant amounts of custom processing for data integration
  • Performance issues for analytics use cases due to concurrency and contention
  • Challenges quickly bringing new data into existing analytics workflows

Ru La La turned to Snowflake’s cloud-native data warehouse combined with Tableau’s data visualization solution to address their challenges.

Rue La La After Cloud Data Analytics

  • 360-degree view of their sales funnel, including cohort analytics
  • Significantly larger data sets, exposed as needed to their analysts
  • Personalized “red carpet” experience for customers

What you’ll learn:

  • How Rue La La simplified their data infrastructure by eliminating the need for Hadoop + a traditional data warehouse
  • Why Rue La La’s analysts are able to explore and analyze data without the frustration of poor, inconsistent performance
  • How Rue La La’s widely distributed team of analysts can now access a single comprehensive view of data for better insights
  • How to unify structured and semi-structured data within Snowflake

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