In a recent survey, 95% of Snowflake customers said they’re able to better manage organizational risk and decrease the cost of service using a cloud data platform. 

Join us to learn how to minimize risks and optimize costs. We’ll explore where costs, risks, and benefits lie within the organization; how to quantify the impact data can have on driving improvement; and how business and IT can align on common goals.

During the webinar and Q&A session you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the impact workloads can have on your key business initiatives
  • Use a cloud data platform to enhance margins, drive efficiencies and increase automation
  • Identify unforeseen risks and the impact they can have on your business, and how to avoid them

This webinar is part one of the How to Succeed With Data webinar series.


  • Christopher McMullen

    Chief Product Officer - Kixeye

  • Colin Reed

    Senior Value Engineer - Snowflake