Join Snowflake Computing and Amperity on September 26 for our latest Real-Talk Session in Retail: Unifying Data Sources for a Single Customer Profile

Topics include:

  • The personalized retail experience in an omni-channel model using the power of the cloud
    • Data ingestion and siloed data sources
    • Unifying click stream and transactional data
  • Acquisition and retention / loyalty marketing
  • Automatically scaling and managing millions of products across millions of users
  • Customer analytics using all your customer data


About our presenters: 

Matthew Biboud-Lubeck
VP, Consumer Engagement Strategy

Matthew is Vice President of Consumer Engagement Strategy at Amperity. Matthew spent the past 10 years with global beauty conglomerates L’Oréal and Estee Lauder Group, where he helped 30 of the world’s most loved beauty brands use data to build highly targeted, personalized marketing experiences. Most recently, he was VP, Data Strategy & Advanced Analytics at L’Oréal Group, where he built the largest Beauty consumer Data program in the United States and established L’Oréal’s programmatic advertising practice resulting in 5x ROI improvements.


Todd Beauchene 
Director of Partner Enablement
Snowflake Computing

Todd Beauchene has been involved with databases and Business Intelligence for nearly 20 years. His experience includes roles in Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, and software development for a number of the world’s largest technology organizations. Prior to coming to Snowflake we was leading the BI efforts in the mobile shopping team at Amazon.com. He is currently the Director of Partner Enablement at Snowflake Computing, focused on enabling our partners to deliver data solutions built around Snowflake’s ground-breaking technology.